Kareergraph provides superior talent and motivated and driven staffing solution to companies and organizations across multiple sectors and industries. Our client centric and industry specific approach allows us to provide solutions that are tailored and customized to meet each and all requirements and challenges.

To find what makes us the first preference for candidates and clients alike browse our recruitment services by segment:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Finance
  • Legal & Professional Services

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Since the invention of the world’s first flying machine the aerospace and aviation industry has grown rapidly, especially in the last few decades, owing to the advent in technology and enhancement of safety metrics. This in turn has fuelled the demand for qualified, trained and skilled personnel, both on and off the air.
Kareergraph provides skilled and highly trained aerospace staff, ranging from aircraft engineers to ground staff, from drafters to project managers and many more. Our recruiters are all ex professionals from the industry having sound knowledge and experience about the aerospace and aviation industry, which in turn enables them to filter only the best from the rest. Candidates from us will prove to be assets of the company in the long run.

  • Aviation Experts
  • Representatives
  • Composite Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Stress Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • CAD/CAM Engineers
  • Designers
  • Drafters
  • System Integrator
  • Project Managers

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Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Life sciences

With every passing day the Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Life sciences industry is advancing by light years due to new breakthroughs in the medical sciences. And the population of the world is only increasing which means more and more people are need of medical care from the Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Life sciences industry, which in turn has raised the demand of quality workforce by leaps and bounds. With the advance in patient centric care and the introduction of new laws and regulations companies need to adopt IT supported technologies such as cloud computing and Big Data into their operations.
This is where Kareergraph comes in the picture. With our expert and efficient client centric and industry specific approach to staffing we cater to these industries staffing needs in a comprehensive way. Our recruiters are all industry professionals with profound knowledge of the industry, thus providing the client only the best suited candidates for the industry.

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Banking and Finance & Insurance

Kareergraph has, for years, provided financial institutions of all sizes, from top-tier investment banks, retail banks, insurance and re-insurance companies, investment and asset management companies, through to hedge funds and pension funds, with talented and skilled staff so that they can get competitive advantage and edge over their peers. Kareergraph has a unique client centric and business specific approach towards staffing which enables us to understand all the industry verticals, thus empowering us to make expert and effective decisions while recruiting for the Banking and Finance & Insurance sector.
Our expertise in banking and finance and insurance sector encompasses but is not limited to Investment, savings, mutual funds, securities, finance, general banking and customer service, accounting and finance, trade finance, payments and information, debt collection, project, sales of life insurance, general insurance and savings insurance, registration, establishment and modification of policies, assistance to underwriters, case processing in life and general insurance, assistance to underwriters, appraisals, compensation and settlements, management responsibilities, finance and accounting, marketing, office support, secretarial functions, switchboard and reception, canteen, archiving and post management

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The IT and technology industry is laced with stiff competition and all of them, even the giants are struggling for a foot space. IT companies are continuously launching new products making forays into research and development so as to look for new avenues of business and expansion. So in market conditions like these companies are need of quality workforce and staff who will add value to the company and steer it towards growth and prosperity. Due to customer centric approach, which companies have adopted, the perfect candidate must have proficiency in updating themselves with all the latest and evolving technologies.

Kareergraph helps companies stay attuned to the latest technologies and stay in tandem with the latest market trends by providing them with appropriate staffing solutions in the form of talented, skilled and motivated staff, who will be updated on all the latest technologies and advancements. Our expert recruiters are all industry professionals with decades of experience in Technology industry, who can easily judge the suitability of a candidate.

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Energy & Utility

Due to the increase in population and the rapid rate of urbanization and industrialization, the pressure and demand on the Energy and utility industry is higher than ever. Due to the rise in demand companies are in perpetual need of quality staff that will add value to their overall business and operation and will make substantial contribution towards the growth and prosperity of the company.
Kareergraph, through our expert and efficient client centric and industry specific recruitment model, provides companies and organizations, candidates who are the best fit in their organizational structure. Our staffing solutions are optimal and bleed into the company's work environment and methodology.

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Retail And Manufacturing

The retail and manufacturing industry is undergoing major expansion and has experienced a boom in their overall demand and supply chain. To keep the momentum going, companies from the retail and manufacturing sector are in need of quality staff and workforce solutions who will be able contribute in the rising demand, in a constructive and positive manner.
Kareergraph, with our sound expertise and experience of serving the industry, is more than well equipped to provide all staffing solutions. We assist our clients in achieving their business goals by providing services and solutions across a wide spectrum, ranging from information analytics and business intelligence to supply chain management and digital media services.